Suggestions On How To Get Rid Of Back Acne

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Suggestions On How To Get Rid Of Back Acne:

  • Before learning how to get rid of back acne, it might help to know how to prevent it in the first place. This way, the problem of how to get rid of back acne may never come up at all. Like the prevention of all types of acne, regardless of where it occurs in the body, keeping stress at a minimum and sticking to a proper diet are essential.
  • Since regular exercise is good for a healthy life style, taking a shower after exercising or engaging in any physical activity that results in perspiring excessively is necessary in order to prevent back acne.
  • Clogged pores are a source of acne and since sweat can get trapped against the skin, mix with the sebum and become a breeding ground for bacteria, a good shower can eliminate this possible cause of back acne. A weekly exfoliation of the skin on the back is also helpful and a lot less uncomfortable than facial exfoliation because the back has thicker skin. It strips away the dead skin cells than help clog the pores and give rise to back acne.
  • Basically, preventing back acne means keeping the back clean. This includes making sure that things like backpacks which touch the back are clean, or washing the back if it gets in touch with items that might have germs that could help cause acne.
  • Once there are acne eruptions on the back, a good way of how to get rid of back acne is to prevent it from getting worse. Many things get in contact with the back like clothes. Acne on the back makes skin more sensitive than usual so that everyday things like laundry detergents can contribute to the aggravation of back acne. While the acne condition persists, extra care should be taken about the chemicals used on clothes so they do not make the acne worse.
  • The back should always be washed with a mild soap or cleansing agent, preferably one for sensitive skin. Avoid using heavily-scented soaps as perfumes may cause skin irritation and make it more difficult to get rid of back acne. Avoid taking hot showers because hot water can irritate the back and inflame the acne. A warm shower is better when you are trying to get rid of back acne. Using loofas or brushes to scrub the back will also irritate the acne, make it worse and cause it to spread. When using a wash cloth for the back, use a soft cloth, just like the one used to wash babies. Wash the skin gently and do not towel-dry it hard.
  • When using a backpack, pick a loose one that does not rub against the back and shoulders. Use soft, cotton shirts and avoid those with hard, starched fabrics. When seated, minimize leaning against the back of the seat. This not only puts pressure on the back acne, it may also transfer germs from the seat to the back and infect the acne further.

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