Top Five Tips To Get Pregnant Fast

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Top Five Tips To Get Pregnant Fast

Here is what I learned after reading several guides in magazines and online on how to get pregnant faster.

  • Best position to keep most of the sperms inside vagina is the missionary position. Stick to the basics when it comes to trying to get pregnant, which is the missionary position. Some positions, such as woman being on top, will have some of the sperms leak out.
  • You need to enjoy intercourse with your partner. It might feel like a job when you are trying to become pregnant, but you have to remember to always enjoy having intercourse as the primary focus. Spice things up, and have some originality to keep things fresh.
  • Do not smoke, use illegal drugs, or drink alcohol. I have to mention this even though most will already know this as obvious, but it needs to be mentioned anyway. These are very harmful in effecting your unborn child. Most women will stop only after realizing that they are pregnant.
  • Get a checkup of your health before attempting to get pregnant. Consult your doctor is the safest way to make sure everything is okay.
  • Have more intercourse per week to increase your chances! Not only should you enjoy intercourse, but you should do it more often to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant.

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